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Olla July Chapter Newsletter

Chapter Web Page:
July 2007 Michael D. Brault, Chapter Secretary Vol. XVIII, No. 1

Jack O’Rourke

Fr. Vincent Gajere

Frank R. Durazo
Vice President

Michael Brault

Kamal Alsawaf

Michael Burr, PhD

Lucino Aleman

Frank Chenelle
Assistant Warden

Emil Viergutz
Inside Guard

Ronald Burtley
Outside Guard

Avelino “Abe” Doliente
1 Year Trustee

Frank Contreras
2 Year Trustee

Larry Campitiello
3 Year Trustee

Minutes of the Chapter meeting on July 20. 2007 held at
Ramona Council, Host Grand Knight- Tim Corrigan

At 7:30 PM Pre-Meeting Speaker #1, Anthony DeBellis, executive producer of the Champions of Faith documentary DVD was introduced. Mr. DeBellis explained that in 2006, during Major League Baseball’s Spring Training, his documentary was shot. It includes music by Bob Dylan and Third Day. The purpose of the film is to show Catholic, star baseball players giving testimony to the power of their faith in their lives. The film crew hoped to get one good interview at each of the ballparks they visited but were often blessed as two, three, or even four team members opened their hearts. The DVD is an evangelization tool that costs only $20. It is a non-threatening way to introduce our Catholic faith to others, or a tool to strengthen the ties to the church of a lapsed Catholic or for young people.

Speaker #2, Dr. Derry Connolly, President of the new John Paul the Great Catholic University, arrived to deliver information about the school located in Scripps Ranch near USIU. Dr. Connonlly believes that universities today can have a huge impact on society today especially in respect to their influence on media.
Since Satan now has his most powerful tools ever, the internet and cell phone porn, the church should fight back but is currently doing nothing. However, John Paul the Great University is training young people how to positively influence media and the world through its two Bachelor of Science degree programs in Entertainment Media and Entrepreneurial Business.
The school currently has 30 students, young people who are on fire for our faith. Bishop Brohm celebrated the first mass at the university’s chapel and has assigned two priests to JPGU. Dr. Connolly hopes to have 50 new students next year bringing their total to about 90. The cost to attend is about $18 k per year compared to USD that charges about $27 k
Chapter President, Jack O’Rourke, called meeting to order at 7:56 PM

GK Elect Tim Corrigan led the opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made and passed to approve the minutes as mailed with these corrections: President Elect section, Special Events Chair is Michael Galasso; & the date of the July Chapter Meeting should read July 20, 2007.

Chapter President’s Report – Jack O’Rourke
Jack’s brief President’s Report was a reminder that there would be no Mass for the Installation of Officers the following evening. Instead, the Installation Ceremony would be held poolside at Mount Woodson Golf Club. Dress should be “Business Casual Polynesian” meaning no shorts or sandals.

Chaplain’s Report – Fr. Vincent Gajere – Excused. No report.

Treasurer’s Report – Kamal Alsawaf
Beginning Balance $3,532.81
Income $1,285.86
Expenses $1,237.26
Ending Balance $3,776.56

Vice President’s Report – Frank Durazo - Excused. No report.

Secretary’s Report – Michael Brault: No vouchers to report this month. There are still six active Councils that owe the 2006-2007 Chapter Assessment. They are #2891 Cabrillo Council, #3947 Point Loma Council, #6031 Bishop Charles F. Buddy Council, #8879 Frances Cabrini Council, #9065 Corpus Christi Council, and #12383 St. Brenden Council. District Deputies were provided with these overdue invoices to deliver to the Councils.
The 2007-2008 Chapter Assessments were mailed out June 1st and 40 Councils have already paid. If your Council has not paid and needs the assessment invoice, call me, Michael Brault, at (619) 548-3190 to give me your billing address. In addition, the Chapter Delegate sheets were mailed out on June 1st and 38 have arrived thus far. All delegates with a legible e mail address listed have been added to the e mail Olla list. The top three delegates will receive a snail mail Olla. As additional Delegate sheet are received, those listed are added to the Olla lists.

Report of the Trustees: No report.

Report of Service Committees: Michael Brault in lieu of Chapter Vice President – Frank Durazo:
Two Service Committee Reports were submitted via e mail prior to this meeting and have been printed to speed up the meeting and allow you delegate to have complete notes to share with your Councils. They were…
New Council Development & Roundtable Report – John Fox - The K of C State website has an online State newsletter published monthly. The June newsletter had a report on State efforts during the 2006-07 Columbian year for the two area's of New Council Development & Roundtables. There are about seven probable Councils in the San Diego area that are being worked on diligently in hopes of making them a reality in very near future. The State N.C.D. goal for 2007- 08 is sixteen new Councils.
Fr. Michael McGivney had dream of a presence of Knights in all parishes, missions, universities. We welcome each of these new Councils.
How will San Diego Chapter succeed in both N.C.D. & Roundtable development? Establishing Roundtables should be a goal of all Councils,
District's, the Chapter, and 4th Degree Assemblies.
1. Councils should fill out Roundtable form #2629 submitting it to Supreme, the state, and our N.C.D. / R.T. Chairman.
2. District Deputies’ should search out possibilities for roundtables in their assigned districts.
3. There should be team efforts by all to support the N.C.D. / R.T. Chairman to achieve State or Supreme goals 2007-08.
Last year the California Roundtable program saw its strongest success ever with 246 roundtables to date. This represents total of 20% of all the listed parishes in California without K of C presence. California was one of only 10 jurisdictions that achieved last year’s quota. California
Ranked 2nd in our Order.
Grand Knights, please fill your #2629 forms out today. District Deputies, keep alert in your districts for Roundtables & or new Councils. This year, the Knights of Columbus are celebrating 125 years of Fr. Michael McGivney's dream. Will you keep that dream alive.?

Chapter Charities - Bud Foster - We will be going to Starlight Theater on Saturday evening, Sept 15th, to see the musical Ragtime. Tickets are $38.00. The directors will get tickets Monday night at their meeting. Save the date.
Bud will be at the installation tomorrow night. If you could please bring your Council or Assembly check for Chapter Charities at that time Or mail them to:
Bud Foster
600 First Street
Coronado, CA 92118

Other committeemen are encouraged e mail your report at least 24 hours prior to next Chapter Meeting to

Bill Brown – Bella the Movie – Special Report - Earlier this year, both our Supreme Knight and our State Deputy were struck by the wonderful message and dramatic impact of the movie Bella. It deals with serious issues facing people today such as family values, abortion or adoption, discrimination, social justice, and character. This movie may well follow the footsteps of The Passion of the Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia by showing Catholic, Christian values to the whole world. Therefore, it was the decision of the leadership of the K of C to enlist the full support of our Brotherhood to insure its success.
Soon after the Supreme Knight and our State Deputy viewed the film, a letter was sent to Grand Knights and District Deputies asking for cooperation and support. Our State Deputy gave Metanoia (the production company) addresses and phone numbers of District deputies with permission to contact them. Metanioa offered to send background information to District Deputies and Grand Knights. Councils, Assemblies, and or Districts are URGED to host a pre screening of Bella. The supreme and State Councils have approved a programs that asks each Council to: 1) select a local theater, 2) put up $3,000 front money to buy a section of the theater, and 3) recover the $3,000 via ticket sales to Council members, parishioners, and others. Supreme has suspended Section 122 of the Charter, Constitution, and By-Laws to that prohibits the distribution of more than $500 without notice to the Council. Therefore, officers are now free to develop their action plans to support this incredible, Order-wide event.
A revised schedule for release of Bella now has the movie in theaters approximately October the 26th. Pre release screenings arranged by Councils will be shown three to five days prior to general public release. September 1st is the cut off date to commit to a pre screening event and send in your money to Metanioa. Two Councils in District #104 have already committed to this effort and have selected their theaters.
Please read pp. 10 – 11 of the July issue of Columbia magazine for a detailed and wonderful review of the film and a call to action for all Councils. This film has the blessing of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Add that to our enthusiastic approval and call to action by both our Supreme Knight and State Deputy. Our Church and Order leaders are crying out for our support to make Bella the success that it should be. Take the risk and commit to a pre-screening.

Gene Garibay - Parades For the 4th of July Parade we had 75 Knights, family, or friends marching or riding, more than any other parade in the last 10 years! We used all of our flags; two even carried flags with no halters. Our parade call outs are for everyone – Color Corps, of course, but also for Knights, Squires, family, and friends wearing parade dress of white shirt with a collar, black or navy pants, and a Knights or patriotic ball cap. Ball caps will be available for those who need them. People watching parades recognize the Knights by their Colors – the capes, chapeaus, and swords – and now they are seeing us as a family group. Over 90% of the people I talk to say they like to see the Knights in parades. Our nest parade is the Columbus Day Parade – start promoting now. In the future, let’s get out a large group of Colors and other Knights for the blessing of the Bells and the Blessing of the Animals at the old Mission during the 3rd weekend of July.

Hugh Largey – Culture of Life: There are two items for this month. First, please support the Life Perspectives’ pro life, fund raising dinner at the Joan Crock Center on September the 15th. It will be a black tie affair featuring AC Green, an LA Lakers star, as master of ceremonies. AC Green is very involved in an organization that promotes sexual abstinence for youth. Second, make plans to support the Life Perspectives Life Walk on October 20th at Kit Carson Park in Escondido or Harry Griffin Park in La Mesa. Your Council or Assembly can join as a sponsor at either the $1.200 or the $1.800 level.

Larry Campitiello – Helping People with Intellectual Disabilities - MR chair forms are available tonight. Fill them out and I will mail them in for you. It’s time to order aprons now (deadline August 15th) and candy should be ordered in 4 to 6 weeks. There will be a meeting for Grand Knights, MR Chairs, and interested parties next Thursday, July 26th at 7 PM at St. Michael’s of Poway. A meeting in the South Bay will be held at St. Anthony de Padua in National City on Thursday, August 16th at 7 PM. .

Squires - Gene Buehl: From June 29th to July 1st approximately 100 boys and adults from Escondido to Napa converged on Mills college in Oakland for the 56th annual convention of the California State Circle of Columbian Squires. Two locals Circles attended and both received state awards. Past State Deputy Frank Nigro attended and presented the “Columbian Foundation for People with Mental Retardation, Inc. Annual Fund Raising Drive Award” to the Napa Circle #494 for the “Highest Gross Revenue Collected - $1,783.00” and for the “Most Hours by Entire Circle – 25 Squires worked 79 Hours.” Many Councils don’t even raise that amount of money or work those hours.
The Keynote Address was delivered by State Deputy Emilio Moure, himself an “honorary Squire.” During his presentation, he spoke of his pride of being a Brother Squire and of the Squires’ importance to our Order.
In the past I have spoken about the efforts of the State Circle to keep the room and board cost of the Convention down to $85 for the weekend. This year the cost approached $200 each and the additional cost was supported by the State Circle’s meager budget. The reason for the high cost was the lack of support for the Squires’ Convention booklet. Only 8 full-page ads, one 1/4 page ad, and five patron ads were sold for a total of only $850.00. This is not nearly enough to support the future of our Order!
In view of this, I would like to ask a Brother Knight to move, under new business, that the Chapter place into the budget the cost of a full page ad for the California State Circle Annual Convention booklet. I would also like to see this done on Council, Assembly, Circle, and Agency levels. Please bring this request back to your local organizations so that all Councils and Assemblies approve this addition to their annual budgets. For all Squires of the State, “I solicit your continued and kindly consideration.”

Difference in Life (Blood Bank) – Lucino Aleman: Council #12681 recently held a blood drive. There were no costs and it was just a little work because the Blood Bank provides help, posters, flyers, and prizes. Schedule a Blood Drive in your parish. Put out your arm. There is no cost. Encourage your friends to give every 8 weeks or every 56 days! The minimum age is 17 years old, you need to be 110 pounds or more and in good health.

Gene Garibay – Keep Christ in Christmas: It is time to order your supplies for Keep Christ is Christmas. Next month I will have a display and you may turn in your order forms. Remember that Keep Christ in Christmas can be much more than just Christmas cards. You can order supplies for a full billboard from Supreme. You may request scripts for radio spots. One Council gathered and displayed hundreds of nativity scenes in their parish hall. Find creative ways to Keep Christ in Christmas.

Chapter President’s Report (continued) – Jack O’Rourke: I want to thank Michael Brault for his efforts in making the 4th of July Parade a success. Thanks to his Assembly, Magellan, we have the two, perpetual trophies for parade participation. The Trophy for the “Most Participants” in the 4th of July Parade went to Magellan Assembly with 31 participants. The runner up, Fr. O’Callahan Assembly brought out 13 participants and they came out from North County. Also the “Highest Percent by Assembly” trophy went to Magellan Assembly with 12.8%. In the future it would be great if other Assemblies could win these trophies. Magellan earned these awards by calling their members and inviting them and their families to join in the event. Remember, you don’t even have to march. We will now have floats for those who need to ride.
I’d like to see great participation of the Color Corps for Rosaries for Peace coming up on Sunday, August 12th at 6:30 PM at Cathedral High School near Del Mar. See the flyer in this Olla. I’d like to see 40 to 50 men in Colors and many Council, Assembly, and Circle Banners. Faithful Navigators – please push this. Also, I am asking each Faithful Navigator to appoint a Parades and Events chair to work with Michael Brault to ensure that our Color Corps participation continues to rise.

Unfinished Business- None

New Business- Election of Chapter Officers:

Larry Campitiello – I don’t want to set a precedent with this, but I remember Past Chapter President, Leonard Brzezinski, and he was a truly special individual. He was a three war veteran – WWII, Korea, and Vietnam – and his Assembly is raising funds to place add his plaque to the memorials on Mt. Soledad. They need about $2,000 total and have already earned $1,000. As a patriotic gesture, we are asking any 4th Degree Assembly, Council, or individual to make a donation towards this cause to Council. #5012. You can make out the check to “Knights of Columbus.”

Jack O’Rourke – The Chapter budget was submitted. We will vote on it next month. There was a question regarding the amounts of income and expenses listed for the special events. It was pointed out the special events dinners are a “wash.” That is, we set the cost to cover the expenses. Therefore, it is OK to increase the expenses for the Religious Appreciation Dinner, as an example, since we anticipate inviting even more religious and having an even bigger event this year,

Lee Quarcelino – I am the 22nd District Commander for the VFW and I was recently at 29 Palms to see many of our vets returning from abroad. I was wearing a K of C pin and three different individuals asked me if they could join. I will be sure to bring form 100’s next time I greet our returning servicemen. Even the General of that base is a 4th Degree Knight. It would be a good idea to inform Supreme that the Knights should form a plan to recruit returnees from Iraq.

Ron Novak - Insurance Agent: Since the hour is late, I will be brief. Happy New Year! Yes, gentlemen, this is the first Chapter Meeting of a new Columbian year. Here are some thoughts our Order and about insurance. If you go to the website, , you can see lots of news and announcements from Supreme. All of you should spend 20 to 30 minutes and view the Grand Knights’ Training Module. It is a fantastic training device, informative of all phases of F. Michael McGiveny’s dream. One of the ideas is that attitude is Caught not Taught. As we evangelize, we should exude confidence to cause people to ask us how to become a Knight. If we put out a positive attitude, people will ask. Did you know that 88% of our Brothers join to become more active in the church. However, 90% of those who lapse tell us it was because no one asked them to DO anything. Do not ignore these new members; use them! We have the tools to get them and keep them. Use the Admissions Committee Questionaire #????? To find out what they want to do. For members over one year in the Knights, use the Membership Interest Survey #??????. Supreme even has a template to create a trifold or bifold recruitment flyer for your Council. You can order the three-color paper for this. Remember, people don’t join the Order to attend meetings, they want to become involved in the Church and they want to derive some benefit.
One great benefit is the Jonathan/Swift scholarship fund offered to servicemen, fire fighters, police and others who serve our government and become permanently, completely disabled or are killed while serving our country. If they are insured, all their kids get a free, Catholic university education. There are also scholarships, set kids to apply. You are our leaders, learn more and urge others to learn more. Supreme does not make its money from membership, the money comes from Insurance. Our order reported donations of $143,816,000 last year with only 60% of the Councils reporting. In addition, over 68 million volunteer service hours were reported. We could double those numbers if every member was in insurance member. Use the From 100 insurance policy that only costs $25 every six months. Or, for only $300 you can start an annuity with a guaranteed interest of 3% but we are currently paying 4.85% or 5.1% on accounts over $10,000.

Robert Villalobos – State Secretary: Let me read for you today’s prayer from Knights for Christ (a K of C daily prayer and reflection book). He read the prayer for 7/20 which included a reflection about man’s landing on the moon. You’ve already heard about Bella, let me tell you that I was impressed. I met some 18 to 24 year old kids helping Bella. They are studying how to bring Catholic values to Hollywood and are acting out their values be working to promote Bella this summer. I will speak more about Bella tomorrow night at the Installation of Officers.
Our Chapter is coming back strong. I was impressed by the tremendous showing at this year’s Clergy Night. We had over 240 at the dinner. This was followed by an impressive showing at the 4th of July Parade. The State Officers were gratified to see the family participation at the parade. He ended with a reflection on the busy life of a State Officer.

District Deputies Report: - Please e mail your report at least 24 hours prior to next Chapter Meeting to

July District Deputy Report # 107 – Marv Woodring
* Installation of Council officers has been completed at three of the four Councils
* Grand Knight Orientation took place on July 12th.
* St Thérèse of Carmel Council has committed to sponsoring a prescreening of Bella. District-wide sponsorship is under consideration.

July District Deputy Report # 108 – Ralph Fear
1. Representatives from all Councils in District 108 plus 2 insurance agents met 7/7/07 for orientation and trading of tips for a successful Columbian Year.
2. 2. Ascension Council 7902 will host its 4th annual BBQ after the 5:30 pm Mass at Ascension Church, Tierra Santa, on Saturday, August 18, 2007. Menu will include steak, chicken and all the fixings for a great meal. Tickets are $18 for adults, $5 for children's meal. Tickets available from GK Rick Kania, email: or phone 858/569-6863. Proceeds will help students attend a Catholic school.

July District Deputy Report # 109 – John Fox
District - #109 at Cabrillo Council hosted a Grand- Knights’ orientation for
4 districts. We had 4 District Deputies (from district # 109 John Fox,
# 110 Michael Brault, # 111 Ken Shier, #113, Dwight Rainey)., two Insurance
Agents, many Grand Knights.and their Officers. The 4 district - deputies were assigned topics to discuss to Grand Knights from the recent District Deputy
Orientation held on June 23rd- June 24th. We also were addressed by our Insurance Agents, Ron Nowak, and Joe Argier.
We served coffee, light snacks. we had about 30 in attendance. We
opened and closed the meeting with prayer. The meeting started 9 AM and ended 11 AM.
The next Grand Knight Orientation will be scheduled sometime in December, or January.
Everyone who attended grand knight orientation enjoyed it.

July District Deputy Report # 110 - Michael Brault
1. Four District Deputies conducted a Grand Knights’ Orientation meeting on Saturday July the 7th for a total of 27 attendees. Many ideas were presented to aid Councils in organizing the current Columbian year.
2. The South Bay Councils in both District 110 & 111 will be holding their 3rd Annual Fraternal Gathering, a dinner dance, at St. Charles hall in Imperial Beach on Saturday, September the 8th from 6 PM until Midnight. For more information about this event, call Michael Brault.
3. A Council Reactivation membership drive will be held this Sunday, July
22nd after all masses at
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
345 Anita Street
Chula Vista, CA 91911
There is no Council at Our Lady of Guadalupe at this time so we could use all experienced recruiters after the 7:30, 9;00, 10:30 AM, Noon, and 7 PM masses. Call Michael Brault (619) 548-3190 for info and directions.
4. St. Charles will continue its monthly 1st and 2nd Degree Ceremonies on the 4th Wednesday of each month (8/22 & 9/26). Registration for the 1st is 6:30 PM with the degree starting at 7 PM. The end begins about 8 PM. Call Michael Brault (619) 548-3190 for directions or information.

Faithful Navigators Report: - Please e mail your report at least 24 hours prior to next Chapter Meeting to

Lucino Aleman of Ferdinand Magellan Assembly – I want to thank Michael Brault for coordinating our upcoming 4th Degree Installation of Officers. He even has paid the $300 down payment to reserve the USS Midway himself. I am asking all Assemblies to help us with the Installation of Officers. Each Assembly should contribute $125 to cover the cost of the facility and the breakfast. In addition, look at the list of jobs for the event and call us to tell us what jobs your Assembly will complete. Councils and Circles can also volunteer. The Installation is a beautiful ceremony with all the flags and Color Corps on the deck of the carrier, boats on the bay actually have stopped to watch us. Bring friends, family, and prospects to the Installation on Saturday, August 18th from 9 Am until 10:30 AM. Continental breakfast will be served prior to the event beginning at 8 AM and will continue after the Installation.

Good of the Order: 50/50 Raffle: $72.00 and went to Manny Perez.

Prayers for the Sick and Distressed led by Lou Carvelho:

Vince Giracello Sandy Dressher Wallace Le Leu Ted Randles Jenny Durante
John Durante Jean Moore Millie Schexnayder Bernard Gardner Pat Bolton
Anthony Hernandez George Morrison Bill Brown Nancy Doig Rev. Fr. Vincent Lorenz
Jesse Ramirez Mary Ramirez George Thorburn Tom Thorburn Deacon Joe Arismendez
Bob Lopez Guy Lopez Sharon Lopez Nel Lopez Bart Abelon, Sr.
Bart Abelon, Jr. Kiko Perez Juan Perez Marguerite Taijeron John Moore
Doug Williams Jean Smart Manny Perez Larry Frazor Michael Zumpone
Carlos Culler To End Abortions Catholic Missionaries Vocations to the Priesthood
All our service men and women in harms way and their families. +All the babies buried in the Garden of Innocence
The cause for Fr. Michael J. McGivney All departed souls

Next Meetings – July 21, 2007, at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish 537 “ E ” Street in Ramona.

Closing Prayer led by Jim Burger

Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Calendar of Upcoming Events Please e mail your planned degrees at least 24 hours prior to next Chapter Meeting to

Date Register Degree Council Location Contact Phone Number
4th Wed
8/22 & 9/26 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 7903 Saint Charles in Imperial Beach Michael Brault 619-548-3190
Tues. 8/28
SPANISH 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 9633 Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Chula Vista Michael Brault 619-548-3190
4th Wed 7:30 PM 7:45 PM 7903 Saint Charles in Imperial Beach Michael Brault 619-548-3190

Sept. 23 12:30 PM 2:00 PM Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Lakeside Ron Piatkiewicz 619-561-3559
Jan. 27, ‘08 12:45 PM 2:00 PM 7903 St. Charles, Imperial Beach Michael Brault (619) 548-3190


AUGUST 17 9076 GOOD SHEPHERD Armando Elazigui 858-530-2197
SEPT 21 4936 MATER DEI Chris Welsh 619-479-4605
OCT 12
NOV 16
FEB 15
MARCH 21 2130 IMPERIAL VALLEY Paul Funez 760-351-2425
APRIL 18 3589 FRANCIS P MATHEWS Frank Durazo 760-598-9533
MAY 9 10352 SAN YSIDRO Michael Brault 619-548-3190

Below are two maps to help you find Good Shepherd parish for the Friday, August 17th Chapter Meeting at 7:30 PM.
Good Shepherd parish, 8200 Gold Coast Drive, San Diego 92126-3699

Below is a map to help you find the Rosaries for Peace on Sunday, August 12th at 6:30 PM. Cathedral High School, 5555 Del Mar Heights Road.

Please forward this Olla to any Knight who might like it. If you want to be on the list to receive an e mailed Olla monthly, e mail your request to

Knights of Columbus, San Diego Diocese Chapter Non-Profit Org.
Michael Brault, Chapter Secretary US Postage Paid
1213 Nolan Ave. San Diego, CA
Chula Vista, CA 91922-3723 Permit # 2149

Return Service Requested

California State Council Officers 2007-2008
State Deputy James Scroggin
State Chaplain Rev. Fr. John P. Grace 714-522-2193
State Secretary Robert Villalobs 760-744-8647
State Treasurer Vince Pacis 650-588-8408
State Advocate Ivan Reek 951-845-5111
State Warden Charles Clark
San Diego Diocese Chapter Program Chairmen 2007-2008
Program Director Frank Durazo 760-598-9535
Adoration Bill Brown 760-471-8212
Basketball Free Throw Chris Warner 619-501-7869
Blood Bank Lucino Aleman 619-470-2037
Ceremonials Ernie Cruz 760-290-3614
Chapter Charities Bud Foster 619-437-0215
Columbian Retirement Frank Marsh 760-752-3054
Advocacy for Culture of Life Hugh Largey 858-689-9595
Essay Contest Bernie Gardner 760-724-4803
Helping People with Mental Disabilities Larry Campitiello 858-487-2832
Membership Abe Doliente 858-536-9423
Retention Phil Sabayan 858-243-2455
Round Table/New Council Development John Fox 858-794-5480
Parades / Keep Christ in Christmas Gene Garibay 619-582-3615
Poster Contest Sal Acampora 858-538-1546
Priests’ Golf Tournament Jerry Heying 760-747-3431
Public Relations John Ramirez 858-673-1949
Scholarships Joe Valdez 951-696-8435
Soccer Challenge
Special Olympics
Columbian Squires Gene Buehl 760-749-1010
Vocations Manny Perez 760-746-5932
Wheel Chair Foundation John Giltner 858-673-7397
San Diego Diocese Chapter District Deputies 2007-2008
District 103 Frank Durazo 760-598-9535
District 104 Bill Brown 760-471-8212
District 105 Manny Perez 760-746-5932
District 106 Vern Snyder 858-513-0730
District 107 Marv Woodring 858-259-1173
District 108 Ralph Fear 858-453-462
District 109 John Fox 858-794-5480
District 110 Michael Brault 619-548-3190
District 111 Ken Shier 619-479-2926
District 112 Richard Ridenour 619-223-3591
District 113 Dwight Rainey 619-448-4364
District 114 Jeff Hendricks 619-445-8809
District 115 Paul Funez 760-351-2425
San Diego Diocese Chapter Faithful Navigators 2007-2008
40 Balboa Assembly Rick Babauta 858-292-4671
64 Imperial Valley Assembly Lee A. Quarcelino 760-336-9994
74 Fr. Peyri Assembly Jim Mihalick
2063 Ferdinand Magellan Assembly Lucino Aleman 619-470-2037
2122 Bishop Charles Buddy Assembly Paul Little
2311 Fr. Jeremiah Murphy Assembly Jorge (George) Barraza
2449 Our Lady of Guadalupe Assembly Jerry Kay
2652 Fr. Joseph T. O’Callahan Assembly Jim Berger 760-789-7996


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I'm so glad you're hosting this as a blog, John. This should be a big help to all of us

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This blog is kinda guide to us in San Diego. I especially found interesting: "Bill Brown – Bella the Movie – Special Report - Earlier this year, both our Supreme Knight and our State Deputy were struck by the wonderful message and dramatic impact of the movie Bella." Well San Diego is happening friends, as ever.