Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fish Frys

Check and See if your Parish is holding a Fish Fry. This is the best bargain in town and you are spending time with fellow Catholics. John Ramirez District Deputy 126

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fw: 3rd Degree Pics of father Bonaventure at San Rafael Parish

Father Bonaventure is a visiting priest from Uganda.  Welcome to the the 3rd Degree Father.

SK John Ramirez

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vatican: Family is the Guarantor of Values

Vatican: Family is the Guarantor of Values


Catholic News Agency

Bishop Carlos Simon Vasquez told the Word Congress of Families only the family 'can guarantee an authentic education in values.'

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (CNA) - The Fifth World Congress of Families began in Amsterdam today, under the theme, “Modern Families: Traditional Values.” In his Inaugural address, the under secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Bishop Carlos Simon Vasquez, said only the family “can guarantee an authentic education in values.”

Speaking on behalf of Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, the president of the dicastery, Bishop Vasquez said family associations are an urgent need today, in order to promote the true identity of the family.

The Church cannot put families on the same plane as the individual or the State, he stated. “The natural family, which is the source and treasure of society, must be sustained at every level,” he said.

Bishop Vasquez also recalled several passages from Pope Benedict XVI’s recent encyclical “Caritas in Veritate,” underscoring that only the family “can guarantee an authentic education in human values, because it ensures altruism and temporal continuity, which are essential in education.”

“Only the vocation to paternity and maternity can transmit a responsible education in responsible procreation, which brings with it the necessary union between personal and social ethics through a harmonious existence that only the family can offer,” he added.

Moreover, only the family “can serve as a counterpoint to the current global economic crisis, because at its center it is a source of social solidarity and civil progress,” the bishop said.

The World Congress of Families is an international pro-family network of organizations, experts and people of good will from more than 60 countries whose purpose is to defend the importance of the family as a social institution. It was founded in 1997 by The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society in Rockford, Illinois. Previous sessions of the congress were held in Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), Mexico City (2004) and Warsaw (2007).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Convention 2009 Supreme

127th Supreme Convention

Welcome to Phoenix

Official registration of delegates begins at the Supreme Secretary’s Office Sunday, Aug. 2.
A Reporter's Notebook

As Knights and their families have arrived for the 127th Supreme Convention in Phoenix and Marian Congress to follow, they have been met with high temperatures and gracious hospitality.

This year’s convention follows another record-breaking fraternal year with increased membership, charitable contributions, volunteer hours and life insurance in force. It also corresponds to the Year for Priests, which was inaugurated by Pope Benedict XVI on June 19, as well as the Year of the Volunteer, an initiative launched by the Knights last winter in response to the economic downturn.

Convention Coverage

In addition to the thousands experiencing the Supreme Convention firsthand, millions throughout the world will be able to watch or listen to many of the convention proceedings. EWTN, Salt+Light TV in Canada and CatholicTV will be broadcasting from the convention, as will Sirius Satellite Radio.

In addition, the Knights of Columbus Web site will be constantly updated with photographs, articles and other information throughout the week.

So, be sure to tell your family and friends at home to tune in, and check regularly for the latest updates.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newsworthy Knights

Hero On the High Seas
When duty called and the world was watching the pirate hostage situation unfold, Cmdr. Francis X. Castellano performed his job with honor and distinction.
As the commander of the destroyer USS Bainbridge, Castellano was on the front line of the rescue operation that freed Capt. Richard Phillips from the grips of the Somali pirates, who had boarded his merchant ship Maersk-Alabama, and taken him hostage four days earlier.

Cmdr. Frank Castellano
The rescue on Easter Sunday, April 12, involved Navy snipers who killed three of the pirates holding Capt. Phillips on a covered lifeboat after they left the recovered Maersk-Alabama.
“We all worked seamlessly together, ensuring that the mission was accomplished,” Castellano told MSNBC in an exclusive televised interview.
Calling the situation tense, the commander said, “In the forefront of my mind was ensuring that Capt. Richard Phillips was returned to his family safely and to the United States.”
Cmdr. Castellano, age 41, is a Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus. He joined Patchogue Council (N.Y.) # 725 in 1986, before his 20th birthday, and became a member of Holy Cross Assembly 3048 in Tennessee in 2006.
His father, also Francis X. Castellano, is a retired general agent for the Knights of Columbus insurance program.
Cmdr. Castellano is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Navy War College. He had formerly been assigned as an operations chief on the USS Cole, which was bombed by terrorists in October 2000.
Capt. Phillips also is Catholic, and Catholic News Service published a story about his Vermont parish and pastor praying for his safe return.
‘An Easter to Remember’
Lisa Castellano, the commander’s wife of 19 years, spoke to Fathers for Good by phone two days after the rescue.
“He called me last night. I was happy to hear his voice,” she said, speaking from their home in Virginia Beach, Va., where they live with their two teenage daughters. “He wanted to talk to me and his girls, to see what was going on in our lives.”
Castellano had been deployed on February 20th to patrol for pirates in the waters off Africa, she said.
“When the news began to break on Wednesday (April 8th) about the hostage situation, I had a feeling my husband would be involved. That was confirmed later that day when I heard the name of the ship on the news reports.”
She continued, “He’s a dedicated professional. He’s a family man, a man of faith. I didn’t have any fears for his abilities in the situation. But I had the natural fears any military wife would have for her husband.”
Mrs. Castellano and her daughters were visiting friends on Easter Sunday when news broke of the successful rescue of Capt. Phillips by the Bainbridge. She was in the backyard hiding Easter eggs for the children when she was called inside to see her husband’s picture on television.
“It was a time for celebration,” she said. “It was definitely an Easter to remember.”